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Fati Engineering Srl is an Innovative StartUP recognized by the Mystery of Economic Development that offers engineering services, made up of young engineers and professional technicians, gathered by a strong passion for mechanical design. Research, study, design, and development of cutting-edge solutions are among the services offered to promote innovation and support the growth of companies in various sectors: Automotive, Off-Highway, Racing, Robotics, Aerospace, Industrial, Motorcycles, HVAC. The combination of our skills and the latest technologies and design software allows Fati Engineering to define and create efficient, performing, and sustainable products and processes within the reference sectors. Our engineers will assist you at every stage of the project, from initial concept to mass-production. National and international partnerships with prestigious Universities and leading companies in the reference sectors allow FATI Engineering to draw on a broad pool of skills and know-how in continuous evolution, satisfying any requests of an increasingly demanding market.


Fati Engineering Srl operates both from the main office located at the Mechatronics Center of Rovereto (TN) and its own operational office in Padua (PD).

The Polo Mechatronics of Rovereto is an Italian excellence center within the engineering panorama: a common and constantly evolving space where companies, high school students and universities together with researchers share research, design, and production activities, promoting the social and economic development of national production systems.

The industrial and technical-scientific projects of Mechatronics, strongly supported by the Autonomous Province of Trento, is coordinated by a mixed public-private task force and interdisciplinary skills.

“Trentino Sviluppo” owns the task of strategic and operational “direction”.

The Autonomous Province of Trento, the Bruno Kessler Foundation, the University of Trento, Confindustria Trento and CFP G. Veronesi, representing the technical institutes and professional schools, belong to the task force.


Our work is guided by the path of the United Nations to reduce the impact on the planet through the embracement of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.We believe in continuous innovation as the main tool for generating value and improving the quality of life through sustainable and safe processes.We put people first by promoting respect, transparency, and well-being.

Mechanical Design & FEM Analysis

FATI Engineering supports its customers with sizing, optimization, and executive design services for assembled and / or mechanical components. The main activities include feasibility studies, construction drawings (2D / 3D), technical consultancy, material technology consultancy, reverse engineering, 3D modeling. The Team also develops structural calculations, FEM analyzes and simulations using state-of-the-art software and experience. The Team also provides assistance for filing patents.

Mold Design & Realization

FATI Engineering supports manufacturing companies by designing, manufacturing and testing equipment for steel blanking and rubber molding. Once the design step has been completed, thanks to a state-of-the-art CNC and EDM machine park, FATI Engineering is in fact able to produce precision mechanical components and, if required, provide tested and "turnkey" equipment, ready for production.

Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is one of the fastest and most innovative methods for turning an idea, designed in CAD, into a prototype capable of replicating the physical and aesthetic requirements of the serial product; the technologies also allow the production of small series or series productions with materials and / or geometries not obtainable with conventional production processes. FATI Engineering uses the most modern technologies of DMLS, FDM filament deposition, SLA stereolithography and MJF / SLS powder melting as well as CNC shooting centers to meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding and rapidly expanding market. The conventionally used materials are: Inconel, Titanium, chromium-cobalt, Aluminum, Nickel-based superalloys and Polyamide.

Industrial automation

In an ever-changing environment, OEMs and suppliers must continually rethink their product and manufacturing strategy. FATI Engineering is a partner for industries by creating customised automation systems: Consulting, Design, Production, Assistance and Analysis of existing processes are the main services offered to its customers. Once the application conditions, the existing criticalities and the objective have been defined and analyzed, the company designs innovative solutions capable of improving the efficiency of production processes to provide, if desired, ready and "turnkey" automation systems. No matter what planning / implementation stage you are in, we always combine in-depth technical understanding with economic issues to deliver results that always take into account your real situation and needs.

Sealing systems

FATI Engineering works closely with the German company DANA REINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH, leader in the production of gasket materials, in the conception and development of conventional and non-conventional sealing systems for various applications. A dedicated team of engineers and consultants from REINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH provide all-round professional support to their customers, from the initial analysis to the definition of the most suitable raw material for its geometry up to the experimental validation - insertion into series production, definition of the conditions of application (of the system) and assistance in case of any critical issues.

Product Development & Process Optimization (VA / VE)

Increasing global competition, increased customer focus on costs and the demand for innovative technical solutions with shorter development cycles are increasing cost pressure for many companies. A structured approach of Value Analysis and Value Engineering is vital to achieve your customers' requirements with minimal costs. The VA / VE (Value Analysis and Value Engineering) activity is a widespread problem-solving methodology in manufacturing engineering that weighs the cost / benefit ratio, identifying areas of high cost and helping to eliminate them. FATI Engineering develops solutions, processes and / or alternative products with added value (better functionality) and economically advantageous (cost reduction) thanks to the interdisciplinary experience gained by its team. The company also offers "walking the line" activities: "walking" along the production lines of its customers, FATI Engineering engineers analyze existing processes and products and define solutions with the aim of improving them.

Control pads and gauges

A modern park of wire EDMs allow the production of measurement systems and functional controls including rings and grooved pads with straight or involute sides and Master Gears. The 4.0 interconnection of machinery allows programming using state-of-the-art software, reducing programming times and optimizing cycle times. The quality of the teeth is guaranteed through the scrupulous control of the involute and helix profile by means of a continuous CMM. The conventionally used materials are K110, K360, S600 and K890 with hardnesses HRc 58-65 and surface coatings TiN, CVD. Thanks to the partnership with the BÖHLER company, we offer technical support in identifying the material and defining the heat treatment cycles to identify the necessary characteristics. Typical application examples are: In-line control of splined gears, Production of toothed prototypes without the aid of tools, resetting of the seat and key of toothed components.

Research and development

The FATI Engineering team is constantly looking for new materials and innovative solutions with the aim of raising the level of the reference market, enabling and promoting the "green" transition. The company, once shared inputs and research objectives, offers know-how of technicians and engineers to its partners, defining unconventional products, processes and / or solutions that improve properties, efficiency and sustainability. We work in close collaboration with Universities and Industrial Partners to improve, supply and support our excellence.

Training & Resident Engineering

FATI Engineering offers consulting services and provides highly specialized training courses, updated on the most current issues of industrial, manufacturing and engineering disciplines. The company offers "resident engineering" outsourcing services, transferring its technical staff to the customer's premises in order to support, simplify and manage daily needs as well as solving any critical issues without the burden of hiring and training new staff.

Prototypes, Authorisations & Distribution

Through the network of highly qualified partners and suppliers, FATI Engineering is able to turn the projects developed into prototypes or “turnkey” solutions, with related metrological tests (if required). Thanks to the network of accredited industrial laboratories and academic partners, the company is able to characterize raw materials and finished products, defining technical specifications, as well as managing their approval according to the relevant regulations. The consolidated network of partners and contacts allows the startup to identify the right partner to bridge the gap between theoretical design and standard supply, negotiating and possibly managing commercial relationships between customer-supplier.


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